Tracking202 reviewIf you’re looking for the software to turn your money seeping campaigns in to ads that line your wallet, Tracking202 – one of several tools in the Prosper202 suite – is arguably the most popular choice in the affiliate marketing community.

Tracking202 was one of the first tracking solutions to give affiliate marketers the freedom of seeing where their money was being made or lost. If you’re running an advertising campaign on Google, you want to know which keywords are creating the sales and which phrases are putting a dent in your pocket. Tracking202 lets you do this. I know of several established affiliates who swear they wouldn’t be where they are without the advantage of having Tracking202’s data-pit at their disposal.

The Tracking202 package is free. You can setup an account, configure your campaigns and be working smarter in a matter of minutes. Prosper202 on the other hand is self-hosted, so you will need your own domain and server dedicated to housing the app. What is the difference between Prosper202 and Tracking202 you ask? Many people seem to muddle the terms. Prosper202 is the name given to a group of affiliate tools, whereas Tracking202 is simply one of those tools.

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